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Free Historical Romance Ebooks

Historical romances are love stories with historical settings. The romantic historical period is far enough removed in time and place that it is surrounded by an aura of unfamiliarity and mystery, yet similar enough to our own to allow for identification with the protagonists.

Certain historical romances are well researched and provide accurate historical settings, information, atmosphere, and characters that are essential to the story. The love relationship is shaped by the actual historical events of the period. Lovers are generally kept apart by wars or political circumstances rather than simple misunderstandings or romantic entanglements.

Another type of historical romance is period romance, which is essentially a generic love story in a historical setting. These historical romance novels also provide genuine historical information, atmosphere and characters, however the basic plot is not dependent upon the historical background and the story could easily be placed into a different historical setting.

I love the atmosphere of historical romances, and I believe it is the most important reason for their popularity. I want to know exactly what it felt like to be living (and loving) during that particular period in history. I enjoy the lengthy descriptions of the clothing, food, houses, countryside, entertainments, manners, customs, language, and other details of everyday life.


ALLEN, Kerry - Pirpires of the Cacaobean: Curse of the Peanut Butter Cup, Volume I
The first five chapters in the vampire historical romance saga of fanged swashbuckler Malcolm Maximilian Marrs and confectionery heiress Reese Hershey, wherein girls dress like boys, pirates mostly behave like gentlemen, and a cacao bean suffers a horrifying ordeal. download free ebook

BARR, Amelia Edith Huddleston - A Bow of Orange Ribbon
The old Dutch folk of New York, sturdy, quiet, and godly folk, and the rakish and dare-devil soldiery of King George just before the War of Independence. A Dutch maiden's love for one of the most hare-brained of the young Englishmen is the motive. download free ebook

BARR, Amelia Edith Huddleston - The Maid of Maiden Lane
Sequel to The Bow of Orange Ribbon. The year 1791 in New York City a momentous year, in which the question whether New York or Philadelphia should be the seat of government led to many hot discussions. The death of Franklin, the large influx of French refugees, and the division of opinion regarding English rights in the lost colonies, enter into this historical romance. download free ebook

BARR, Amelia Edith Huddleston - A Daughter of Fife
Life and character in a Scotch fishing village; the love-story is told, and the hearty, virile and deeply religious people are drawn with simplicity and without analysis. A sound, hearty good humour pervades this historical romance. download free ebook

BARR, Amelia Edith Huddleston - A Knight of the Nets
Historical romance novel of homely and loyal fisher-folk in a village of Fifeshire, and of a neighbouring family of the landowning class connected with them by the son's ill-fated marriage with a poorgirl. A reading of character in the light of simple piety and trust in Providence. download free ebook

BARR, Amelia Edith Huddleston - Jan Vedder's Wife
Historical romance novel of the Shetland Isles and the primitive inhabitants, descendants of the Norsemen, and of their homely and picturesque life. The motive is incompatibility of temperament between a correct wife and a good-tempered, unstable husband. download free ebook

CONNORS, Jennifer - A Lesson in Passion
Ginny is a 21st century girl, looking for love. After an accident, she finds herself living in the past, as a romance novel heroine. Occupying someone else's body, she lives the life a medieval maiden, saved from certain death by a powerful Scottish laird. Will they fall in love, allowing Ginny to return to her own time? Or will her modern sensibilities get her in too much trouble? download free ebook

GLYN, Elinor - Beyond The Rocks
Danger ground is trodden from the first page to the last in this sensual historical romance. Theodosia Fitzgerald, young and beautiful, marries Josiah Brown, rich but fifty and stupid. In spite of her attempt to be faithful she falls in love with an English lord and the ardent love of the two runs a riotous course in the face of conventionality and duty. download free ebook

GLYN, Elinor - Elizabeth Visits America
A quarrel between Elizabeth and her Lord "Harry" sends him to Africa to shoot big game and her to the States. In a series of letters to her mother she gives with sprightly abandon her impressions of things American from New York to San Francisco. download free ebook

GLYN, Elinor - Halcyone
A tale abounding in very modern reincarnations of old favorites of classic Greece. Halcyone, elusive and adorable, a maid of high degree, lives with her aunts in elegant penury, sitting occasionally at the feet of neighbour Chevron. Jason, a senior disciple, bent on healing the people's ills by means of a Tory party programme, is almost captured by Medea, an American divorcee, and has to suffer much for his error in seeking aid from so evil a source before the loving dryad wins him. download free ebook

GLYN, Elinor - His Hour
In this daring historical romance novel readers of the author's "Three Weeks" will find the same moral and atmosphere. In this case it is the man, a Russian prince, who oversteps all conventional bounds, indulges in unspeakable orgies, and lets his passions run riot. But he is such a splendid young animal that the heroine, a gently bred English widow, is unable to withstand his passionate appeal to her. Her great love for him overcomes her natural shrinking from his lawless way of living and she forgives him his countless sins against both herself and society. download free ebook

GLYN, Elinor - Three Weeks
A historical romance which is an exaltation of sensuous fascination into an affair of the soul and which casts the moral law to the four winds of heaven. A titled young Englishman is sent away from home to be cured of his love for a rural English girl with red hands. In Paris he meets and falls in love with the queen of a Russian dependency, "infinitely sinuous and attractive" who is residing at his hotel incognito. They yield entirely to the sway of their love which the author's art alms to transform into the poetry of sentiment. They suffer the agony of it in separation followed by tragedy. download free ebook

GLYN, Elinor - High Noon
Sequel to Three Weeks. A powerful, stirring love-story of twenty years after. Abounding in beautiful descriptions and delicate pathos, this charming love idyl will instantly appeal to those who have read and enjoyed "Three Weeks." download free ebook

JACOBS, Delle - Fire Dance
Sent by his king to Cumbria to seize a castle and take a bride, Alain finds instead a magnificent purple cloak, a stronghold of terrible secrets, and the girl of his dreams trapped in a living nightmare. Melisande's only goal is to save her people. But that means marriage to the king's handsome knight and certain death for her - for if he doesn't kill her, his priests will. download free ebook

JONES, Brian H - The Blood-stained Belt
With the Dornites defeated and Gandonda avenged, Keirine seems safe at last. But Sharma, pillar of the kingdom, can't handle his desire for women. Now even Jina, stalwart of the struggle and recently returned from the Endless Ocean, has sent his belt to Sharma. This time it hasn't been returned. Soon, at last, he will be re-united with Dana. A fantasy historical romance novel. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - 5 Star Affair
The fairy tale of a general and a war love. Mark and Kiley need each other to maintain sanity in the insanity of war. It isn't only the Nazi that they must battle. They must battle their own feelings, fears, and other people that believe Mark is their property. Live a romantic tale set in the trying time of World War II. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Bear River Spirit
Owen Woulfe, a recent widower and Reilly Stewart Madison meet head on over Owen's son, Rory. An agreement of marriage for the sake of Rory leads the two souls to realize they were destined to be together. They discover they were both born of mixed Irish and Shoshone blood. Reilly and Owen learn just who is Reilly's seventeen year absentee mother. They face tragedy and joy as kindred spirits with a love of people and nature's land. Owen and Reilly's love for each other grows beond their wildest dreams. Together they conquer their sorrows and survive one of the bloodiest massacres of indigenous history. Historical romance set in the time and era of the Civil War, Shoshone, Mormon, and White Settler troubles, they are witnesses to the Bear River Massacre. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Conquer My Heart
Leticia is a strong willed stubborn woman raised in a convent during the Middle Ages. When she is told she is to marry a knight and produce heirs for her father and the crown, she isn't too happy. Until she meets the handsome knight and finds a gentle side with troubles of his own. She also finds she likes to be mistress of the keep and the freedoms she obtains as a Lady that she never had in the convent. Vincent isn't too happy about marriage but he will do anything for the King. The sacrifice doesn't seem too great when he meets the beautiful Leticia. He doesn't quite know how to deal with a wife and ends up putting his foot in it and bringing down the queen's wrath. He admits the indomitable Leticia is well worth the effort. He concedes to her victory when he learns she has conquered his heart. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Geneva's Hope
The first book in the Geneva Series - a romantic saga. Kerry McGillinen meets Lord Braden Wessex and his son, Bennett. Theirs is an immediate attraction. However, both must conquer their own secret fears, a jealous suitor and a psychotic nanny. A historical romance that is a real page turner about the Old West. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Geneva's Branch
Book two in the Geneva Series. Ryan McGillinen sets off to build his own dynasty and discovers an Indian Maiden that takes his heart and soul. Twiggy, known as Oak Twig by the Shoshone, has a secret. A secret she is afraid for anyone to find out, that is until she gives her heart to Ryan. A historical romance that will make you laugh as Twiggy discovers Ryan's world, and cry when Ryan and Twiggy face her past. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Geneva's Return
Book three in the Geneva Series. Geneva's Return is the story of Ayden McGillinen. Ayden follows his sister and husband to England. He is designated heir apparent to the English holdings and assumes the title of Marquis. Paige meets the Marquis and literally falls for him. Unfortunately Paige was raised by an interferring mother who insists there is no such thing as love in a marriage or merger as she puts it. Ayden has to fight his mother in law, an old foe, and years of influence to bring happiness to his heart and wife. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Geneva's Promise
Book four in the Geneva Series. Breena had a crush on Dwayne McGillinen since childhood. All that must end as she begins a new life in Washington City as assistant to a newly elected Senator. Dwayne has always been the handsome McGillinen. The one who could have any woman he wanted. He wanted only one. He went to Harvard in hopes of being accepted by the one and only woman in his life he ever wanted. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Geneva's Force
Book Five in the Geneva Romance Series. Payton Lee delivers the love story of Aurora Blue McGillinen, daughter of Ryan McGillinen of Geneva's Branch. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Geneva's Legacy
The end of the Geneva Saga and McGillinen family with the story of the beginning. Grady meets Ashley. Together they start the McGillinen family history and loves. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Novo Arkhangel'sk
Caught in the age of peasant, surf, and cruelty of the nobles even in the new land of Unalaska, Ekaterine is sent to Russia to bring home a husband. She brings not only a wealthy husband, but one of the highest nobility. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - Smitten
A handsome Prince seeks life mate. He's not looking for physical beauty alone. He needs an intelligent and caring Princess to be his partner. He finds her in his own backyard after searching the world for her. Things aren't too simple. Someone's trying to kill his bride, Princess Rigan. An invitation to sit back and read an adult fairy tale. download free ebook

LEE, Payton - The Outsider
Historical romance about a Love Triangle. Thornton, Martin, and Leigh conquer their insecurities and learn to love life with happiness and joy. download free ebook

NORDIN, Ruth Ann - A Bride for Tom
Tom Larson is having trouble finding a wife, and Jessica Reynolds decides to help him overcome his awkward and clumsy manners so he can attract women. A historical romance comedy. download free ebook

NORDIN, Ruth Ann - A Husband for Margaret
This light-hearted tender historical romance is sequel to A Bride for Tom. When Margaret Williams posted an ad for a husband, she expected Paul Connealy to arrive, but instead, his older brother, Joseph, came...and he brought four children with him. download free ebook

RENÉ, Carla - The Gaslight Journal
The year is 1881. In spite of being in America, how you appear to Victorian high-society determines your future. Isabella Audley is on Christmas break from Radcliffe. Grieving the loss of her father, she is excited to finally spend holiday with her mother, Lilly, see cherished friends, and step back into the life of privilege she's always known. But her bliss is cut short with rumors of a tragedy that's befallen her mother. While rummaging for decorations one afternoon, "Izzy" discovers her father's journal and reference to his hidden secret, which threatens to tear the family apart. Only Thomas, a childhood friend, has it in his power to pull them from ruin. As Izzy finds herself falling for him, it's apparent that their difference in class, now caused by her slip in status, thanks to the repercussions of her father's secret, may prevent them from finding the happiness they were meant to have. download free ebook

ROYLOTT, Miss - Prelude to a Partnership
A slash retelling of "A Study in Scarlet," including some love scenes and sexual themes. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson encounter each other in 1876 at university. When they meet again five years later, Holmes must determine if Watson now wants to be his roommate, his friend, or his lover. A gay historical romance. download free ebook

SHAFF, Fran - Change of Heart
1850s Nebraska: Marietta Randolf travels from Chicago to Nebraska to collect her orphaned nephew Zack. When a snow storm delays her return trip, she finds herself stranded in an unappealing land with a very appealing rancher download free ebook

Short stories:

ELLIOTT, Anna - Dawn of Avalon
He would become the most powerful wizard in the history of Britain—Merlin. She would become Britain's most storied sorceress—Morgan le Fay. But before they were legends, they were young. And they were lovers. Together, in the sunlight of one day long ago, they saved a kingdom. Dawn of Avalon. A stand-alone historical romance from the universe of Anna Elliott's Twilight of Avalon. download free ebook

ELLIOTT, Anna - The Witch Queen's Secret
In the shadow of King Arthur’s Britain, a young mother will need all her courage to save the Queen’s castle from the hands of a traitor... A stand-alone story of Trystan and Isolde featuring a secondary character from the universe of Anna Elliott’s Twilight of Avalon. download free ebook

NORDIN, Ruth Ann - The Keeping of Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson is forced to marry Patty Dixon who has loved him since she was a child. He, however, has no intention of being married and insists on getting an annulment. But she's just as determined to keep him. This historical romantce comedy is the first story in the Montana Grooms series. download free ebook

WOODS, Jayden - The Fifth Lost Tale of Mercia: Alfgifu the Orphan
In the wildest Lost Tale yet, we jump to the year 1014. Alfgifu of Northampton joins forces with Canute, the new and young king of the Vikings. Alfgifu believes that her father was murdered in cold blood by Ealdorman Eadric Streona. How far will she go to obtain her revenge? “The Lost Tales of Mercia” are ten short stories set in England near the end of the Viking Age. They can be read in any order. Though fictional, they are heavily researched and feature many real historical figures as described in the ancient texts of the “Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.” They are intended as a creative interpretation of what might have and could have happened. download free ebook

WOODS, Jayden - The Sixth Lost Tale of Mercia: Hastings the Hearth Companion
A royal hearth companion named Hastings fights on the front lines of battle for duty and the Golden Cross, but he entertains unrealistic notions of how his mistress, Aetheling Aydith, might reward him. download free ebook

WOODS, Jayden - The Seventh Lost Tale of Mercia: Hildred the Maid
In 1005 A.D., a terrible famine strikes Engla-lond. When a poor young woman named Hildred grows desperate enough to break the law for her survival, a rising thegn named Eadric takes her fate in his hands. download free ebook

WOODS, Jayden - The Ninth Lost Tale of Mercia: Runa the Wife
Runa expects to live her entire life isolated in the woods until she meets Thorkell the Tall. She tries to conform to society through a traditional marriage, but at a very high cost to them both. download free ebook