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Christmas Romance

Get a nice cup of tea, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and let a Christmas romance get you in a holiday mood. Below is a list of heart-warming short stories and novels set around Christmas.


RENÉ, Carla - The Gaslight Journal
The year is 1881. In spite of being in America, how you appear to Victorian high-society determines your future. Isabella Audley is on Christmas break from Radcliffe. Grieving the loss of her father, she is excited to finally spend holiday with her mother, Lilly, see cherished friends, and step back into the life of privilege she's always known. But her bliss is cut short with rumors of a tragedy that's befallen her mother. While rummaging for decorations one afternoon, "Izzy" discovers her father's journal and reference to his hidden secret, which threatens to tear the family apart. Only Thomas, a childhood friend, has it in his power to pull them from ruin. As Izzy finds herself falling for him, it's apparent that their difference in class, now caused by her slip in status, thanks to the repercussions of her father's secret, may prevent them from finding the happiness they were meant to have. download free ebook

ZAVADA, Jack - A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
This exciting Christmas romance is set on the Kansas frontier, in 1886. Struggling single mother Gretchen Norgard and down-on-his-luck cowboy Pete Beckworth discover one of the most important lessons we can learn about what truly matters at Christmas. A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer is a short inspirational novel filled with suspense, romance, and an inspiring message that will lift your spirits and warm your heart. download free ebook

ZAVADA, Jack - Mary's Christmas Gift
Mary's Christmas Gift is a modern story about a struggling single executive, Mary Chapman, who has her faith restored when God answers her prayers in an unexpected, spectacular way. A Christmas romance filled with hope and happiness and will remind you that there is a God, that He is good, and that he loves you more than you can ever know. download free ebook

Short stories:

BYRNES, Jenna - Candy Cane Kisses
A Christmas romance with some erotica about a lonely wife who receives an unexpected Christmas gift from the husband she thought was lost. download free ebook

CAMPBELL, L.K. - In The Nick of Time
In this holiday short story, Julie considers breaking up with Nick when he can't say those three little words that every woman wants to hear. Her roommate convinces her to wait until after Christmas, but misunderstandings abound when Julie sees Nick getting cosy with his ex-fiancée. download free ebook

CASTILLEJA, Diana - An Angel's Choice
It's Micah's last assignment. He felt prepared for the challenge ahead of him this Christmas season—until he met her. Could an angel on a mission have the answer to her frozen heart? Could the heart of a wounded child locked inside a grown woman bring a forever love together? Only the choice of an angel will make this a Christmas to remember, for both of them. download free ebook

CASTILLEJA, Diana - Holiday Magic
Lola Beckham is a hard working single mother, caring for her deaf son. She has managed, and over time, Bennie has regained a relationship with his father and his current wife and children. Lola is glad for the family Bennie has. She only wonders when she'll be able to stop living as a statistic and find a man who can accept her and the responsibility of her life and son. download free ebook

HUNSAKER, LK - Christmas Chains
A Christmas romance about Deanna, who finds she's more than willing to bend a bit for what she wants most. download free ebook

LEIGH, Caden - A Christmas Carol: The Betrayal
A true-to-style "what-if" story about Scrooge and the skeletons in his closet. Perhaps he's not as alone in the world as he thinks he is. Warnings: Brief sensual m/f scene, language. download free ebook

SHELSKY, Rob - The Sprite And I
What happens when a man finds a water sprite in his kitchen sink? And worse, what if it has an agenda? For Harold, with a hangover from a Christmas party, this is exactly what happens. Worse, the sprite insists Santa has been "spirited" away by an evil Vila, and so must be saved. For Harold, the reluctant hero, and committed nonbeliever in fairy creatures, this is all just a little too much.. download free ebook

WALKER, Shiloh - A Present for Christmas
Faced with a choice, David has to decide what matters the most. Home…or the heart. After completing an assignment in Alaska, he’s about to head home, but he realizes he might be leaving behind his heart—Cris, the woman he fell in love with. Now he has to make a choice. Return home to everything he knows, or take a chance on love. download free ebook

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